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Why everyone should grow food

Huge confession- 5 years ago when I met my significant other and he said he wanted a large garden and hoped to grown a lot of his own food , I thought he was a dreamer. I thought growing food was too hard and time consuming.

I imagined most things we’d plant would not produce. Boy was I surprised the first year we had our garden. We put these tiny seeds into starter boxes inside and within a few weeks 99% of them were flourishing. Once we transplanted them outside I was again surprised to see them explode under the sun. By the end of our summer we were enjoying our own Kale, Lettuces, Onions, Potatoes, Berries, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Beets, Squash and Carrots. The root vegetables stored in our garage for months. So here are my top three reasons why you should grow food


1. It’s easy.


2. It will give you a deeper connection to food in general. Farm to Table concepts are so popular because they remind us that obtaining food really should be a natural process.

3. It’s a life skill everyone should have. I’m not a doomsday preeper BUT the world economy is changing. The day may come when food shortages do occur. It’s great to have the security of knowing how to tend your own outdoor produce section.



4. Freshness. We actually feel slightly spoiled now. We indulge in salads 1-3 times a day during the months we can harvest greens. Once the weather changes and we are reliant on store bought greens we both are not as enthusiastic about filling out plates with greens.

5. Quality Control. I’ve lost count of how many produce products were recalled in this last year due to contamination. When you run the show you can ensure nothing toxic is added to the soil or water and which pesticides (if any) are used.


6. Variety. I love to pick different types of vegetables that we either would not find in our local grocery store or would be "specialty items" and cost premium prices. I love white & purple carrots and purple potatoes.

You don't need to have a huge plot of land to grow foods. Check out Container Vegetable Gardening on Pinterest to get some inspiration for small space growing.

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