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Jeffs Story

Late 2016
348 lbs
Blood Glucose 106
BP 176/98
Severe Arthritis
Sleep Apnea
Hypokalemia with occasional seizures
Severe Edema
Daily: Muscle relaxer, two different pain killers,
20 Ibuprofen, and an anti-inflammatory.

Now at 182lb!
Blood Glucose 89
BP 100/67
Arthritis Relief
Sleep Apnea Gone
Hypokalemia in check
Edema gone in about 3 weeks into WFPB


“The most interesting thing to me was that I used to suffer from anxiety
pretty much daily. 3 weeks after quitting dairy that all went away 100%.
After quitting eating fish and dairy, my cholesterol dropped.”

How did you learn about Whole Food Plant Based eating?
         “My 68 year old extremely healthy vegan mother!”

What Doctors have influenced you?
         “The biggest is Dr. Michael Greger from but I have also
          read from Andrew Weil (not plant based), Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., Joel
          Fuhrman, Matt Lederman, Dean Ornish, & John McDougall.”

Are there any tips you can pass on to a new Whole Food Plant Based follower?
         “slow down, stop to think, and do your research in order to make the best
          you..Don’t listen to what everyone else tells you and don’t be afraid of not
          getting enough protein and nutrients in a plant based diet.  Also, there is
          plenty of calcium in WFPB diet! So you don't need milk!  Take a vitamin B12
          supplement 1 to 2 times weekly.”

What is the biggest challenge you faced transitioning to a whole food plant
based diet?

         “Negative pressure and 'advice' from friends and family.”

What was your favorite food pre-WFPB and what is your favorite food now?
         “This is a hard question to answer.  I was a long time restaurateur and a
          foodie!  I LOVE pizza and was a BBQ restaurant owner.  I'm not sure I
          could pick a favorite food pre-WFPB!  Favorite now: marinated and baked
          tempeh and vegan pizza.  I love to cook so I have TONS of WFPB recipes.”

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