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Nalidas Story

How did you learn about WFPB? I’m a lifelong vegetarian, albeit I was a junk food vegetarian. I had bought the book Eat To Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman because it looked like a “vegetarian diet book” but I didn’t start to follow it until I started suffering from major joint pain and having more frequent gall bladder attacks in July 2013.


What doctors have influenced you? Dr. Joel Fuhrman has influenced me the most. Both my husband and I have been able to lose and maintain weight loss adapting his Nutritarian principles of WFPB. All the doctors featured in Forks Over Knives have been instrumental as well.


Biggest challenge? Quitting sugar. I started my journey in July 2013. But it took me until December 27, 2013 to finally give up sugar by God’s grace, and I have been abstinent since then


Any tips? Keep it simple and try not to over complicate with too many recipes. Oatmeal and fruits with ground flaxseeds or walnuts, bean veggie stews, large green salads with beans and roasted sweet potatoes. Get frozen vegetables on sale and roast a bag in the oven for an hour to add to meals. And throw away all the junk food to avoid temptation. Seek counseling if needed to deal with issues that may be contributing to food addiction.

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