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Why Oil is not Whole Food Plant Based

When I first heard of people cooking without oil I was super skeptical. I have always loved Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). Especially on a plate with balsamic vinegar and bread to dip. Seriously, I can remember the first time I had this. I was 17, at a restaurant in Halifax, Nova Scotia “La Cave”. 20 years later I can still remember the experience. Unfortunately learning the reality of the health affects of oil has kind of ruined the romantic experience for me.

The media and Keto fans like to hype up oil, especially Coconut, Extra Virgin Olive and Cold Pressed versions, as some type of miracle food; the truth is oil is nothing more than a highly processed, isolated fat. It is one of the highest concentrations of calories in the world. It has next to zero nutrients, it causes immediate damage to your cardiovascular system, it causes inflammation through out the body, it messes up your bodies ability to produce Omega 3s, and oil doesn’t do anything to keep you full. This information comes from all the Whole Food Plant Based Doctors…oil is never a part of a Whole Food Plant Based way of eating.

Don't panic though, you may be shocked to find out how easy it actually is too cook without oil. Aside from completely deep fried foods, you can make almost any dish with out oil. You'll save calories, money, your cardiovascular system and alot of time because you won't have to spend as much time cleaning up oil laden pans.

You can Saute without any oil at all. Make sure your pan is hot. You can add a bit of water or veggies broth to add just enough moisture - not too much.

In baking applesauce is usually the best substitute. Mashed banana can also often work.

Parchment Paper and Silicon Mats will be your best friend as well when cooking with out oil.

Below you can check out some quick commentary from Whole Food Plant Based Professionals as to why NO Oil is a huge part of Whole Food Plant Based eating.

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