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2019 Amazon Prime Day is July 15-16 

If you're not an Amazon Prime member there is no better time to join. Amazon Prime day is a global shopping day where there are thousands of items on sale. 


You can sign up for a 30 Day Free Trial and take advantage of all the Prime Day specials. The early bird also catches the worm, so being ready to shop as soon as the sales go live on July 15th will help you snag that super item you have been eyeing up. 


Some products to watch...



Backed with an 8- year warranty, these blenders are my favourite meal prep tool in our kitchen. You can make nut sauces,  blended soups, creamy hummus, and dreamy oil free dressings. 38% off for Prime Day.

Superior Meal Bags

If you have to pack a Whole Food Plant Based lunch, a traditional Lunch Bag just won't cut it. Check out Amazon for these large style lunch kits that have space for all your snacks for a day away from home. Some of them come with glass containers as well. 



This is a great time to stock up your bookcase or gift someone your favorite WFPB literature. Classics like "The ChinaStudy", "How Not to Die" , "The Cheese Trap" or "Proteinaholic". Or you could find a new Plant Based book like "Food Over Medicine", "UnDo It" or "The Plant Based Solution".

If you are like me and are on the road lot you may love to have an "Amazon Audible Audiobook" account. Thanks to this service I breeze through a book a week. Right now they are offering a 30 Day Free Trail which includes two books of your choice. You can listen from your phone, computer or Alexa device. 


Or maybe you have a Kindle? Amazon offers a free month of their Kindle Subscription.  Which ever you prefer Amazon has some great deals for you.

Amazon Fresh

 You can get UNLIMITED Groceries delivered to your door through Amazon. There are sure to be some sales in this area during Prime Day.







Instant Pot

This is a WFPBers best friend in the Kitchen. This makes batch cooking a BREEZE. The 6 Qrt is on sale for $55 !!!  START THE CAR !


Herb Kits 


Grow 5 Herbs From Organic Seeds with Nature's Blossom Herb Garden Starter Kit. They are on sale for $14.99 (make sure to clip the coupon) AND they are also showing that they are buy 2 get 1 free. Use code TYLVCMDF at checkout. 



The Ultimate Meal Prep Station

Inspired by “mise en place”, a technique used by professional chefs around the world, Prepdeck keeps you organized, tidy and efficient during cooking preparation. Prepdeck includes over 45 unique features and accessories into this sleek, functional and easy to use system, keeping all of your prep tools in one place, and all of your ingredients within easy reach.

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