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It's the end of the world as we know it

I am not writing this because I am an amazing example of how to live with out single use plastic. In fact we are far from it. But within the last year I can't scroll through a media outlets feed with out seeing head lines like this


While you might wonder what plastic and the environment has to do with eating Whole Food Plant Based, here is my why; "What is the point in nourishing myself to live to 100+ if there will be no suitable earth left to inhabit?"

We've been put on notice by the big minds of our time that our chance to turn around, from our now worldwide obsession with convenience foods, convenience travel, convenience packaging, is now at its final years. 11 years is the most recent estimate that we have been given to put a complete halt on our destruction of the world. The United Kingdom has declared an official Environment and Climate Emergency. For most people I think this all sounds pretty doomsday-ish. Ignoring it really won't help though. It is no different than how we treat our body. We may have gotten away with eating like everyone else for 30, 40, or 50 years of our lives but eventually the alarms go off. We have a choice to make changes, or ignore the warnings.

Tips on how to start reducing single use plastic

  1. There is no time like now. You don't need to put off reducing your environmental impact until governments step in and force you. Be proactive.

  2. As you need to replace things look for better alternatives. When your plastic wrap runs out, consider purchasing some vegan wax wraps like these ones I love from etee. Yes they really work! They wash easy too.

  3. Figure out ways to make your new items convenient for you. Keep your reusable grocery bags in your car or bike.

  4. If you have "marie kondo'd" your belongings don't use that new space as an excuse to buy new things. Make sure you are only purchasing things you truly need.

  5. Follow National Geographic on social media. Their feed is stunning and a great reminder of what we have to loose if we don't make enough changes to turn this thing around.

  6. Get yourself some reusable straws yes, but don't stop at replacing plastic straws. Plastic is everywhere. I have two kids and man did we use a lot of plastic bags. We have cut back considerably by investing in a few water proof fabric snack bags like these.

  7. Meal prep is a huge part of eating Whole Food Plant Based. Throw away meal prep containers are so popular right now. Skip them and invest in some Silicon bags or Glass Containers instead. Even simple mason jars make great soup, salad, overnight oats, chili, stew etc containers.



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