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Whole Food Plant Based | Vegan | Sugar Free | Oil Free






2 Cups Cooked White Great Northern Beans

1/3 Cup Soaked Raw Cashews (Optional)

1/4 Cup Hemp Hearts

3-4 Minced Cloves Garlic OR a 2 TBSP Garlic Powder

2 Cups Vegetable Stock

1/4 Cup Nutritional Yeast

1 TSP Sea Salt (optional)

1 TBSP Ground Black Pepper

2 TBSP Italian Seasoning

1 Package Whole Grain Fettuccine Pasta

1/3 Cup Diced Garlic Scapes, Scallions or Green Onions

2 Cups Mushrooms, Broccoli or Peas (Optional)



  1. Heat up a good pan to medium to high heat

  2. Dice you Garlic Scapes or Scallions - I find it easiest to run my through a food processor a few times. 

  3. In the hot Pan, brown your Garlic Scapes and Mushrooms, Broccoli or Peas. 

  4. In a High Speed Blender combine the Cooked Beans, Raw Cashews, Hemp Hearts, Garlic, Vegetable, Nutritional Yeast, Salt, Pepper & Italian Seasoning. Blend until creamy smooth. You can add more vegetable stock to adjust thickness to your preference. 

  5. Add sauce to your pan with the Garlic Scapes & Mushrooms, Broccoli or Peas. Turn on low heat to simmer. 

  6. Prepare your Pasta as per the package directions. 

  7. Incorporate the pasta with the sauce and serve. 

What are garlic Scapes?

 They are a very Seasonal Delicacy that appears mid summer, usually for less than a few weeks. Farmers Markets may have them or if you have a local Garlic Grower they may sell them too. We grow our own Garlic so we get to enjoy these BONUS garlicy greens once a year. You could sub green onions or shallots for a similar look. You could also add peas or broccoli to this dish. 


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